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Michelle Timek Yoga is a Vinyasa based studio located in downtown Jersey City, NJ. We offer flow, restorative, pre/postnatal and kids classes. MTY's approachable and intuitive style of practice focuses on movement, rather than posing or posturing. You get to be in charge of doing what feels great every time you practice. Each movement made is guided by the breath, so it feels natural, rhythmic and organic. Since every person is unique, every person's movement is also unique. This is great news for everyone, especially for those new to practicing yoga.

This freedom of movement gives individuals the opportunity to truly be aware, listen, connect and feel into one's self — safely and easily, without force or strain — in any given moment or situation. People can get more tuned into their bodies and less out of their heads, free from obligation, judgement or pre-conceived expectations. By creating this expansive space to exist in, the only thing left is to discover what you're capable of doing and being!

150 bay st.


Classes open to everyone — just show up!

  • Music Venue and JC Art Tour at MTY on October 8th!

    We're excited to be partners with Playmusician, Michael Browne, family photographer Kelly Genuardi and others in this year's Jersey City Art & Studio Tour on October 8th! Join us for a rollicking evening of song and art at 150 Bay, Studio 909! 


    4:00pm-Lilith & The Light[Bluegrass All-Female Band]
    4:45pm-Michael Browne & The Majestic
    5:30pm-Downtown Raagas[ Mind . Heart . Groove]


  • Therapeutic Workshops - First Friday of the Month

    Life moves quickly, there's no way around it. But that doesn't mean you can't slow down. Explore the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga. For 90 minutes...

    WHEN: 1st Friday of the month
    October-December (10/7, 11/4, 12/2)

    COST: $40 for each workshop